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Apps for Theater Professionals

A list of useful apps for people who make theater, dance, and the performing arts.

There are some really excellent iPhone and iPad apps being made for theater and dance professionals, but it can be hard to find out about them. I created this list to highlight some of the best apps available for actors, dancers, directors, designers, and technicians.


DanceMaster — David Starke
A music player optimized for rehearsal and dance instruction, and great for any time you need to practice something to music. Every time you stop the music, DanceMaster automatically resets to where you started so you can run the section again. You can also mark up your music with cues that you can jump to at any time. When you are rehearsing on your own, you can have it speak your cue names out loud to help you memorize a piece.
Rehearsal 2 — Sotto Voce Filmworks
A comprehensive app for learning lines. Import your scripts, highlight and mark them up, and practice. Helps you learn your lines with lots of options for different ways to view your lines.

Tech & Production

Go Button — Figure 53
Go Button is really excellent, well-designed app for cuing the sound for a live production. You can set up all the sound cues for a show in advance. When it is time to run the show, the sound operator just needs to hit the go button to trigger each cue or sequence. There are lots of advanced options, but it's all presented in a very easy-to-understand way.
Stage Write — Open Jar Productions
Stage Write is a comprehensive tool for diagramming and recording blocking.
Teleprompt+ 3 — Bombing Brain Interactive
Teleprompt+ turns your iPad or iPhone into a professional-grade teleprompter.