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Starfish smartwatch saga illustrates entrepreneurial stumbling blocks

February 5, 2013

Lex Friedman at Macworld investigates the Starfish smart watch, which had a booth at Macworld|iWorld and advertisements in the print edition of Macworld. Until this article, every article about Starfish that I had seen just restated the Starfish marketing claims and made little attempt to investigate their veracity.

I was at Macworld and saw this story evolve. My strong impression was that the CEO of Starfish had dramatically misestimated the difficulty of shipping complex hardware and software, and had committed to Macworld when he really wasn’t ready.

For contrast though, TUAW ran two articles about this product, one during Macworld, and one after Lex Friedman’s story was published. Even adjusting for the fact that they were undoubtedly in a hurry to get news up on the site during the show, the difference is striking.